Coach Blanco's
Team Accomplishments:
2019  18U TCS Fireworks/Sparkler NIT Champions 
2019  16U PGF Platinum National Champions
2019  16U TCS Colorado Fireworks 17th place - Aurora, CO
2018  16U TCS Fireworks/Sparkler NIT Co-Champions
2018  TCS/On Deck Organizational Challenge Champions
2018  16U PGF Platinum Nationals  3rd Place 
2018  18U TCS Colorado Fireworks 17th Place - Aurora, CO
2018  16U TCS Colorado Fireworks 13th Place - Aurora, CO
2018  16U TCS OC Coastal Classic Champions
2017  18U PGF Nationals 9th Place - Huntington Beach, CA
2017  16U TC/USA Colorado Fireworks 9th Place - Aurora, CO
2017  16U TC/USA Nationals 13th Place - Austin, TX
2016  16U TC/USA Nationals 5th Place - New York, NY
2016  14U TC/USA Nationals 5th Place - New York, NY
2015  18U PGF Nationals 17th Place - Huntington Beach, CA
2015  18U TC/USA Nationals 13th Place - Reno, NV
2015  18U TC/USA Colorado Fireworks 17th Place - Aurora, CO
2015  18U One of two teams in the entire country to finish in the
           top 20 at PGF, TC/USA Nationals, and Colorado Fireworks
2015  16U PGF Nationals 25th Place - Huntington Beach, CA
2014  18U PGF Nationals 25th Place - Huntington Beach, CA
2014  16U PGF Nationals 25th Place - Huntington Beach, CA
2014  16U TC/USA Nationals 7th Place - Atlanta, GA
2014  18U Colorado Sparkler 3rd Place - Westminster, CO
2014  18U TCS World Series 5th Place - San Diego, CA
2013  18U PGF Nationals 25th Place - Huntington Beach, CA
2013  16U PGF Nationals 3rd Place - Huntington Beach, CA
2013  16U TC/USA Colorado Fireworks Champions - Aurora, CO
2012  14U PGF Nationals 25th Place - Huntington Beach, CA
2012  16U ASA Champion's Cup 5th Place - Irvine, CA
2011  16U PGF National Champions - Huntington Beach, CA
2011  16U TC/USA Colorado Fireworks 3rd Place - Aurora, CO
2011  16U ASA Champions Cup 5th Place - Irvine, CA
2010  14U ASA Nationals 13th Place - Moline, IL
2009  12U ASA Nationals 13th Place - Normal, IL
2008  12U ASA Nationals 9th Place - Montgomery, AL
2007  14U ASA Nationals 33rd Place - Normal, IL
2007  12U Triple Crown World Series Runner up 
2006  12U ASA Western Nationals Runner up - Sunnyvale, CA
2006  12U Triple Crown World Series 7th Place - Park City, UT
2006  10U ASA Nationals 4th Place - Bloomington, IN
2005  10U Triple Crown World Series 7th Place
2004  10U Triple Crown World Series Runner Up
2004  10U USSSA Western Nationals Runner Up - Riverside, CA
Coach Jeff Blanco

A Biography of Coach Blanco's Coaching Career

A combination of talented, dedicated players and great coaching and leadership wins Championships. Coach Jeff Blanco is a highly accomplished coach at the national level with a PGF Championship, a TC/USA Colorado Fireworks Title, as well as several TOP 5 finishes at National tournaments over the past 5 years.

Coach Blanco’s start in softball is similar to many dads — he got into the sport when his two daughters, Kayla and Tera, decided they wanted to play.  Having a baseball background, he fell in love with the game of softball.  With both daughters having the same love for the sport, softball became a family affair.  Both Kayla and Tera played rec ball from the spring of '01 til the fall of '03.  Beginning in 2004, both daughters started to play travelball regularly when Coach Jeff started Bomb Squad Softball with another coach.

Bomb Squad Softball was ran by Coach Blanco from 2004 thru 2010 where the team won many local tournaments and competed at and earned several high finishes at the national level at the younger age divisions (10U-14U.)  In the fall of 2009, Coach Blanco was introduced to Tony Rico, director of Firecrackers Softball. 


Although Coach Blanco's team would remain as Bomb Squad for one more season, it was agreed that the Bomb Squad team would be under the Firecrackers umbrella and join the Tony Rico's organization the following season as Firecrackers.  Over the 7 years within the Firecrackers organization and the six years with Bomb Squad Softball, Coach Blanco's teams have achieved much success at the national level - Including qualifying for ASA Nationals 6 times from 2004 -2010 and qualifying for PGF Premier Nationals 11 times from 2011 - 2016, including having a team qualify for PGF Premier Nationals every single year from 2011 - 2016.  From 2004 - 2016, his teams have finished in the top 25 at National tournaments 29 times, including 23 top 20 finishes, 19 top 10 finishies, 15 top 5 finishes, and two National Championships.


In addition, dozens and dozens of his players have gone on to play at great softball programs and 4 year colleges and universites.  Between the players he as coached and assisted on his teams and the players he trained and assisted through the AFT program who played outside of his teams, he has help over 130 student athletes achieve their goal of playing college softball, with the ultimate goal of earning their college degree.  As for Coach Blanco's daughters, Kayla just earned her degree in Health and Human Performance at the University of Tennessee-Martin where she finished her college softball career and Tera just finished her sophomore year at the University of Michigan where she is an All Big Ten performer, a first team All American, and has appeared in the Women's College World Series in each of her first two years as a Wolverine.


(Please see the list to the left for Coach Blanco's team accomplishments through 2016 and please click on the "Hall of Fame" tab to see where his players have gone on to play in college.)

Now the time has come for Coach Blanco to move on and start his own organizaton in order to benefit as many student athletes as possible under Monarchs Softball Organization.  As the director of Monarchs Softball, Coach Blanco looks forward to working with, and developing EVERY player in the organization to provide consistent instructioin with other coaches in the organizaton.  In addition, Coach Blanco will be in charge of college recruiting for each and EVERY one of his players.  College recruiting is an aspect of softball where Coach Blanco has had alot of success - helping over 130 athletes achieve their goal of playing college softball over the past five years.