Nicole DeWitt, Coach Blanco alum, 2014 - University of Florida

While I was playing for Coach Jeff, he is the one that made me truly love the game.  I knew that I already loved this sport, but while playing on his team, there wasn't a single moment that I never had fun. Of course there were the times when I would get out and that is not fun for anyone, but I could always count on (my teammates) to get me out of that mood.  Playing for Coach Jeff, I met some of my best friends and have continued those friendships for about 9 years. Coach Jeff was one of the people that has helped get me to where I am right now.  I will never forget the time that our team won 16U PGF Nationals. There was no doubt in my mind and I knew that there wasn't a doubt in Coach Jeff's mind, that the group of girls on that team could not win the championship game after the heart and fight that we put out on the field. All I would like to say to Coach Jeff, even though it may not be much, but it means a lot to me for everything that you did for me to get me where I am and I thank you!

Amanda Vargas, Coach Blanco alum, 2014 - University of Michigan

I have had the privilege of being coached by Jeff Blanco for five memorable years of softball.
He always demanded that I hold myself to a high standard, both on and off the field. I'm grateful that I was pushed to be my best self early on, a skill that has helped me later in life.  I always felt that I was being fought for, as a person and as a player.
I am forever grateful for everything Coach Jeff has done for me in my softball career and in life.


Dani Garcielita, Coach Blanco alum, 2014 - University of Hawaii
I have been a player of Coach Jeff's from the time that I was 12 years old. He is the coach who molded me into the softball player I am today.  Not only is he a great coach but he is also a great life mentor.  Playing softball for Coach Jeff not only taught me how to be a great athlete; but more importantly, it taught me to be a confident, well rounded woman.


Rachel Williams, Coach Blanco alum, 2014 - University of Tennessee Martin

My time playing under Coach Blanco was a one of a kind experience. His coaching technique forces you to play at the most elite level and helps you to reach your highest potential. I loved playing along side some of the most talented players in the state of California and against the top teams in the country.  The Monarch’s organization helps you develop in all aspects of the game and prepare you to play for the most elite universities. The Monarch’s team is the family you want to be apart of on your softball journey.

Taylor Becerra, Coach Blanco alum, 2015 - Arizona State Universtiy

Throughout the last four years of my travel ball career, I was able to play alongside some of the most talented players in the country & work with some of the smartest coaches I know. While playing under Coach Jeff, I was granted so many wonderful opportunities and words will never explain my gratitude. I know that if I ever need anything at all, I can always count on Coach Jeff to help me out!


Alex Heinen, Coach Blanco alum, 2015 - Boston University

I had the pleasure of playing for Coach Jeff for a few years and I truly couldn't have asked for a more positive experience. He is by far one of the most respected coaches in the game who has helped me better my skills and prepare myself for the next level. He not only taught me so many valuable things as a player but also as a person and I couldn't be more thankful.

Krystal Puga, Coach Blanco alum, 2014 - St. John's University
Playing for Coach Jeff has been an amazing experience.  I have grown both as a player and a person. He truly knows how to help his players develop and grow mentally.  Being a part of an organization that competed and thrived to make a name for itself also helped me in ways I couldn't imagine. I have been able to perform under pressure, deal with adversity and learn the necessities to compete and be ready for the college level.


Alyssa Di Carlo, Coach Blanco alum, 2015 - University of Georgia

I really enjoyed playing for coach Jeff. He genuinely cared about me on and off the field. He also did an amazing job of preparing me for the next level.


Morgan Ettinger, Coach Blanco alum, 2013 - University of Nevada Las Vegas

"Coach Jeff is a coach who will invest his time and full effort into each individual player on his team and push them to reach their highest potential. He made me a better pitcher, overall player and person. He guided me through the recruiting process and made sure that I attended the right university for me. I can’t thank him enough!”


Sarah Maddox, Coach Blanco alum, 2016 - Drake University

The first thing I can say about Jeff Blanco is that his biggest influence on my physical game was my hitting. He became my hitting coach long before I played for him, and even then, he chose to focus on developing my strengths as a power hitter. And that's exactly what he did; he took a girl who was 5'11" and 160 lbs, an average contact hitter, and harnessed the natural power I was squandering, so that I became a state leader in home runs. That aspect of my game was one of the largest reasons I ended up being recruited for D1 softball later on.

Second, he changed the mental part of the game for me. He is a coach who makes his expectations of you crystal clear, and they are high expectations. Playing for him, He forced me to think about game situations more deeply; how to work the count of an at-bat, how to know what a pitcher will throw, and thinking quickly on defense. When I started doing this I became consistently more successful in games.

All in all, with Jeff Blanco, I got my first taste of college-level softball, at the travel-ball level. It definitely helped me prepare for the fast pace and high expectations I'd experience in college.


Danica Grier, Coach Blanco alum, 2017 - Humboldt State University

When I joined the team (my junior season) I was very timid and nervous, but after talking to Coach Blanco, I knew this was the fit for me. You were welcoming and throughout my career with you, you had always treated me like your own which I believe is an amazing quality in a coach. You knew when to goof around and have fun but you also knew when it was time to work and get stuff done. This last season of my travel ball career was probably the best days of my life. You made a solid team and knew where to put player to make our team stronger. You were always one step ahead of ever single one of our opponents. This organization was amazing. It thought me so many new things and gave me 25 sisters.

Pat Williams, father of Rachel Williams, Coach Blanco alum, 2014 - University of Tennessee Martin

Coach Blanco has had a huge impact on our daughter Rachel. Our relationship with Jeff has come full circle...private lessons, playing on his team, to him playing a major role helping us find the "right" university for our daughter, which she will be graduating from in spring 2018! "Thank You" Coach Jeff...blessings and continued success for you and your organization!


Anne Figueroa, mother of Caroline Figueroa, Coach Blanco alum, 2015 - University of California Davis

Jeff is an amazing teacher of the game!  His girls are ready to hit the field in college and perform!   


Mike and Sandra Becerra, parents of Taylor Becerra, Coach Blanco alum, 2015 - Arizona State University

Our names are Mike and Sandra Becerra, and our daughter Taylor was lucky enough to play for Jeff Blanco for 4 years, from  9th grade through 12th grade.  During her pre-college softball journey it was a pleasure to be under the guidance and leadership of coach Jeff Blanco.  She was able to grow and compete at the highest level preparing her for college play.  Jeff was very helpful and approachable in guiding us through the recruitment process and always had Taylor's best interest at heart.  Thank you Jeff Blanco for being a part of this awesome journey and helping to make our daughter's dreams come true!


Jerry Sanchez, father of Amanda Sanchez, Coach Blanco alum, 2014 - University of Missouri

Both our family & my daughter Amanda, Sanchez were very fortunate to have played for coach Jeff, Blanco . That’s NOT only where my daughter learned to play the game BUT learned to play it at a high level.. for this and many other reasons.. We will always be grateful.

Scott and Becki Grier, parents of Danica Grier, Coach Blanco alum, 2017 - Humboldt State

Becki and I just wanted to thank you for everything you've done for Danica. We are so glad we found you and you gave her the opportunity to play with your organization. This past season was great for Danica, her confidence on the field and especially at the plate was awesome for us to see. Thanks again for seeing what a great player we think she is. Good Luck with the Monarch Organization.